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 Get Started
-Python 2.7 is required.
+Python 2.6 or 2.7 (recommended) is required.
 For `installation instructions`_ or more complete `documentation`_ see

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 .. _release-0.7.2:
-# Up to date as of r222
-**0.7.2** - TBD (TBD)
+**0.7.2** - 06.21.2013 (Nevertheless)
   New Features:
+    * Python 2.6 is now supported if ``argparse`` and ``ordereddict``
+      dependencies are installed.
+    * More support and bug fixes for `ID3 chapters and table-of-contents`_.
+    * Frames are always written in sorted order, so if a tag is rewritten
+      with no values changed the file's checksum remains the same.
     * Documentation and examples are now included in source distribution.
     * [classic plugin] Removed ``-p`` for setting publisher since using it
       when ``-P`` is intended is destructive.
+    * [classic plugin] Supports ``--no-color`` to disable color output. Note,
+      this happens automatically if the output streams is not a TTY.
+    * ``Tag.save`` supports preserving the file modification time; and option
+      added to classic plugin.
     * [statistics plgin] Added rules for "lint-like" checking of a collection.
       The rules are not yet configurable.
-    * Error is now the default log level.
+    * ERROR is now the default log level.
   Bug fixes:
+    * Various fixes for PRIV frames, error handling, etc. from Bouke Versteegh
     * Convert '/' to '-' in TagTemplate names (i.e. --rename)
     * Drop TSIZ frames when converting to ID3 v2.4
     * ID3 tag padding size now set correctly.
     * Fixes for Unicode paths.
     * License clarification in pkg-info.
     * The ``-b`` setup.py argument is now properly supported.
+    * [:bbissue:`10`] Magic module `hasattr` fix.
+    * [:bbissue:`12`] More robust handling of bogus play count values.
+    * [:bbissue:`13`] More robust handling of bogus date values.
+    * [:bbissue:`18`] Proper unicode handling of APIC descriptions.
+    * [:bbissue:`19`] Proper use of argparse.ArgumentTypeError
+    * [:bbissue:`26`] Allow TCMP frames when parsing.
+    * [:bbissue:`30`] Accept more invalid frame types (iTunes)
+    * [:bbissue:`31`] Documentation fixes.
 .. _release-0.7.1:
 .. _ID3 chapters and table-of-contents: http://www.id3.org/id3v2-chapters-1.0

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 * `Sphinx <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/>`_
 For an up-to-date list of exact testing/development requirements, including
-version numbers, please see the ``dev-requirements.txt`` file included with the
-source distribution. This file is intended to be used with ``pip``, e.g. ``pip
-install -r dev-requirements.txt``.
+version numbers, please see the ``dev-requirements.txt``
+(or ``dev-requirements-26.txt`` for Python 2.6) file included with the
+source distribution. This file is intended to be used with ``pip``.::
+  $ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
 Download Source Archive
 .. code-block:: sh
-    $ ./mkenv.bash
-    $ workon eyeD3
+    $ ./mkenv.bash eyeD3-2.7
+    $ workon eyeD3-2.7
     $ paver test
 In the above command a virtual enviroment called `eyeD3` was created and all of

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 def tox(options):
-    #path(".tox").rmtree()
     sh("rm -rf .tox")