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 plugins that are callable from the command-line tool.
 For example, to set some song information in an mp3 file called
-.. code-block:: bash
   $ eyeD3 -a Nobunny -A "Love Visions" -t "I Am a Girlfried" -n 4 song.mp3
 The results of this command can be seen by running the ``eyeD3`` with no
-.. code-block:: bash
   $ eyeD3 song.mp3
   song.mp3	[ 3.06 MB ]
 The same can be accomplished using Python.
-.. code-block:: python
   import eyed3
 Python 2.7 is required.
-The easiest way to install eyeD3 is to use ``pip``:
+The easiest way to install eyeD3 is to use ``pip``::
-.. code-block:: bash
-  # pip install eyeD3
+  $ pip install eyeD3
 .. note::
   This may require root access.