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Missing frame class for TSRC

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 .. _release-0.7:
-**0.7.0** - 11.19.2012 (Be Quiet and Drive)
+**0.7.0** - 11.15.2012 (Be Quiet and Drive)
 .. warning::
   This release is **NOT** API compatible with 0.6.x. The majority


                "TSOP": ("Performer sort order", ID3_V2_4, TextFrame),
                "TSOT": ("Title sort order", ID3_V2_4, TextFrame),
                "TSIZ": ("Size", ID3_V2_3, TextFrame),
-               "TSRC": ("ISRC (international standard recording code)", ID3_V2),
+               "TSRC": ("ISRC (international standard recording code)", ID3_V2,
+                        TextFrame),
                "TSSE": ("Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding",
                         ID3_V2, TextFrame),
                "TSST": ("Set subtitle", ID3_V2_4, TextFrame),
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