Travis Shirk committed 86edae4

Optimize extension matching for custom ID3 mime-type and python-magic.

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 import re
 ID3_MIME_TYPE = "application/x-id3"
-ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS = ("id3", "tag")
+ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS = (".id3", ".tag")
 import StringIO
 import mimetypes
 _mime_types = mimetypes.MimeTypes()
 _mime_types.readfp(StringIO.StringIO("%s %s" %
-                                     (ID3_MIME_TYPE,
-                                      " ".join(ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS))))
+                   (ID3_MIME_TYPE,
+                    " ".join((e[1:] for e in ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS)))))
 del mimetypes
 del StringIO
     mime = None
     if magic_func:
-        if (os.path.splitext(filename)[1] in
-                (".%s" % ext for ext in ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS)):
+        if (os.path.splitext(filename)[1] in ID3_MIME_TYPE_EXTENSIONS):
             # Need to check custom types manually if not using _mime_types
             mime = ID3_MIME_TYPE
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