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-**0.7.0** - TDB (TBD)
+.. _release-0.7:
+**0.7.0** - 11.19.2012 (Be Quiet and Drive)
 .. warning::
   This release is **NOT** API compatible with 0.6.x. The majority
   New Features:
     * Command line script ``eyeD3`` now supports plugins. The default plugin
       is the classic interface for tag reading and editing.
-    * A plugin for writing NFO files.
-    * Example plugins for listing valid genres, library stats, mime-types, and
-      lame (xing) header information.
+    * Plugins for writing NFO files, displaying lame/xing headers, jabber tunes,
+      and library statistics.
     * Module name is now ``eyed3`` (all lower case) to be more standards
     * New ``eyed3.id3.Tag`` interface based on properties.
     * Improved ID3 date frame support and 2.3<->2.4 conversion, and better
       conversions, in general.
+    * Native support for many more ID3 frame types.
     * Python Package Index friendly, and installable with 'pip'.
     * Improved mime-type detection.
     * Improved unicode support.
     paverutils = None
 PROJECT = u"eyeD3"
-VERSION = "0.7.0-rc3"
+VERSION = "0.7.0"
 LICENSE     = open("COPYING", "r").read().strip('\n')
 DESCRIPTION = "Audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)"
     '''Sphinx documenation'''
     if not paverutils:
         raise RuntimeError("Sphinxcontib.paverutils needed to make docs")
+    sh("sphinx-apidoc -o ./docs/api ./src/eyed3/")
     print("Docs: file://%s/%s/%s/html/index.html" %
           (os.getcwd(), options.docroot, options.builddir))
 # Publish
 - Update
-  fab -H deploy
+  - fab -H melvins deploy
+- Update Python package index (PKG-INFO)
 - Announce to mailing list
 - Announce to FreshMeat
-- Upload to Python Index (paver upload?)
 # Merge to default
 - hg up default