Travis Shirk committed f11d826

examples and rsts included in sdist. fixes issue #8

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Files changed (2)

 include ChangeLog
 include COPYING
 include AUTHORS
-graft src/eyed3
 include bin/eyeD3
-include etc/eyeD3rc
+recursive-include src/eyed3 *.py
+recursive-include examples *
+recursive-include docs *
+recursive-exclude docs/_build *
     paverutils = None
 PROJECT = u"eyeD3"
-VERSION = "0.7.1"
+VERSION = "0.7.2"
 LICENSE     = open("COPYING", "r").read().strip('\n')
 DESCRIPTION = "Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)"
         author_email=AUTHOR_EMAIL, maintainer_email=AUTHOR_EMAIL,
         download_url="%s/releases/%s" % (URL, SRC_DIST_TGZ),
-        license=license,
+        license="GPL",
         package_dir={"": "src" },
                                           exclude=["test", "test.*"]),
     elif not src.exists():
         raise Exception("Missing src/eyed3/")
-    elif not target.exists() or src.mtime > target.mtime:
+    elif not target.exists() or src.ctime > target.ctime:
         src_file ="r")
         target_file ="w")
-@needs("test_clean", "uncog")
 def clean():
     '''Cleans mostly everything'''
     for d in [path(".")]:
         for f in d.walk(pattern="*.pyc"):
+    try:
+        from paver.doctools import uncog
+        uncog()
+    except ImportError:
+        pass
 def docs_clean(options):
     '''Clean docs'''
     for d in ["html", "doctrees"]:
         path("%s/%s" % (DOC_BUILD_D, d)).rmtree()
+    try:
+        from paver.doctools import uncog
+        uncog()
+    except ImportError:
+        pass
 @needs("distclean", "docs_clean")
 def maintainer_clean():
-    path("src/eyed3/").remove()
     for f in path(".").walk(pattern="*.orig"):
+    path("src/eyed3/").remove()
           (os.getcwd(), options.docroot, options.builddir))
+       "eyed3_info",
-       "distclean", # get rid of .pyc and docs (i.e. cog) made
 def sdist(options):
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