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 For example, to set some song information in an mp3 file called
-  $ eyeD3 -a Nobunny -A "Love Visions" -t "I Am a Girlfried" -n 4 song.mp3
+  $ eyeD3 -a Nobunny -A "Love Visions" -t "I Am a Girlfriend" -n 4 song.mp3
 With this command we've set the artist (``-a/--artist``), album
 (``-A/--album``), title (``-t/--title``), and track number
   song.mp3	[ 3.06 MB ]
   ID3 v2.4:
-  title: I Am a Girlfried
+  title: I Am a Girlfriend
   artist: Nobunny
   album: Love Visions
   track: 4		
   audiofile = eyed3.load("song.mp3")
   audiofile.tag.artist = u"Nobunny"
   audiofile.tag.album = u"Love Visions"
-  audiofile.tag.title = u"I Am a Girlfried"
+  audiofile.tag.title = u"I Am a Girlfriend"
   audiofile.tag.track_num = 4