0.7.10-final: options are not interpreted in order given

Issue #119 new
Jari Aalto
created an issue

Following command (notice order):

eyeD3 --text-frame='TRCK:' --track=5 file.mp3

Leaves "track" not at "5":

Setting track info: (5, None)
Removing TRCK text frame

Please intrepret the options in the order given. The options for the command line are composed in a script in assuming a standard unix pretense where later options always take precedence over previous ones.

An idea for implementation:

LIST =  reverse OPTIONS

while LIST
     OPT = shift LIST
     delete LIST_DUPLICATES  from LIST
     <also search for similar OPTIOS, like TRCK == --track>

OPTIONS = reverse LIST # restores original order

What should be left are unique options. Unnecessary work is also reduced (file operations)

Of couldse the code is a little bit more involved because one OPT is not necessarily a single word (--opt=value vc. --opt value) that can be reversed that easily.

Working LIST backwards could also work.

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    I'll look into this to make sure eyeD3 logically processes args in a sane order, but as far as absolute order.. that is not something python 'argparse' supports this likely won't happen.

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