Tag save() method does not "apply" changes

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When saving Tag informations, there's no way to actually "apply" them.

Sorry for the inaccurate description but I'm not that familiar with mp3 tag stuff. Anyway here's what I'm doing:

mp3 = Mp3AudioFile(whatever) mp3.tag = Tag() mp3.tag.album = "foo" mp3.tag.save(mp3.path)

Changes are not seen in windows explorer or other audio libraries like Zune. However, when using the mp3 player VLC, I hit CTRL+i to see the metadata, and the album value is correctly set to "foo". But I need to hit the VLC button "write metadata" so that changes are visible from windows explorer.

I'm probably missing a step here but I didn't find anything in the doc to "write metadata". If I'm misusing the package, feel free to invalid this issue.

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    Okay, so the file is being saved but not showing as such in windows explorer? I don't have/use Windows so some guidance is necessary here if there is "something" extra that needs to happen.. Because 'save' opens the file and writes the new data.

  2. Aakash Rayate

    Yes. After injecting some metadata to a file, I extracted that metadata using a 3rd party metadata extracter on my Windows system. And it shows updated meta information. That means, your library works perfectly, but somehow Windows is unable to show the updated info.

  3. Ashwani Agarwal

    Too late to reply, but here is what I've done

    By default eyed3.load(pathtofile) loads ID3_V2_4 tags, and Explorer and Windows Media Player use 1.x tag (X is encoding; I don't know which)

    # After using tag.clear() method, need to supply file name to save tag
    # aud = eyed3.load(pathtofile)

    And it works fine for Windows Explorer/WMP/VLC or any other tagging program

    Surprisingly, when I used aud.tag.save() method on linux machine, it saved tag, and when I switched to Windows, those tags are updated. But in case I run the same code on Windows OS, changes doesn't get reflected.

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