eyeD3 should keep file modification dates

Issue #24 resolved
Oliver Joos
created an issue

I miss an option --keep-file-dates to keep the file modification dates of mp3-files. And since eyeD3 always adds a "tagging-time-frame" while writing tags, it could keep the file dates by default and instead offer the inverse option --update-file-dates.

Please comment which default behaviour you'd prefer.

Comments (5)

  1. yeryry -

    Could this be added to Tag.remove too?

    Alternatively, is there some way to remove tags when saving? As I understand it, only one tag can be operated on at a time, and to read both (v1 and v2) tags, the file has to be loaded twice. If they are both to be written/removed, the file has to be written twice too. Is this correct?

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