Setting WFED crashes CLI

Issue #57 resolved
Peter Smulders
created an issue

All my attempts to set WFED (iTunes specific extension for storing the Feed URL, also used to group podcasts into feeds) crash on the CLI.

I included a run with -l DEBUG and the stack trace.

I tried various options: -- using --encoding utf8 or latin1 -- using the itunes plugin to first set or unset itunes compatibility.

All attempts fail with a crash.

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    WFED is not a text frame, so that is why the crash.

    I'll look into making eyeD3 exit with an more friendly error, but it will likely require you to use eyeD3 module to write a custom script/plugin, as the classic plugin does not deal in terms of apple's extensions (which all violate specs).

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