Couldn't load mp3 files with ID3 info disabled

Issue #61 invalid
Anonymous created an issue

eyed3.load() returns None when either version of ID3 is enabled on the file. ID3 info being disabled means, if the file's description info is display through tools like Winmap, none version of ID3 info is checked/enabled. If any of the info is checked/enabled through tools like Winamp, eyed3.load() returns an object successfully, through which ID3 info could be written and read. There should be a feature in eyeD3 that allows to enable ID3 info, instead of simply returning None from load() function.

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    It may not be enabled but it looks like there is ID3 v1 data in there. Either way, eyeD3 shows what's in the file (version 1 or 2, see the version arg to load) and does not recognize other apps notions of "enabled".

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