Genre default for ID3v1 tags seems inappropiate

Issue #68 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

If I set genre to a text that is not part of the ID3v1 genre list and then write an ID3v1 tag, the genre id in the file is set to 0. However, 0 means "Blues". So in effect eyeD3 turns any non-standard genre into "Blues", which seems not to be the best idea.

With other software I have seen as default:

  • 12 (which means "Other")

  • 255 (which is undefined)

I think either would be better than 0 and suggest to change the eyeD3 library accordingly. As far as I can see, it would be sufficient to change one line of method "_saveV1Tag" of class "Tag" in file "eye3D/src/eyed3/id3/":

        if not self.genre or is None:
            genre = 0                        ### <<< change this value
            genre =
        tag += chr(genre & 0xff)

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