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Hi Travis,

are you sure that the -Y/--release-year option is related to the id3v2 TYER or id3v2.4 TDRC or id3v1 Year field ?

Because it looks like it writes in the Original release year field (TORY or TDOR) like if --release-date where used.

I need to use --recording-date (TRDA or TDRC) so that the date can be seen by iTunes...

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    iTunes is wrong, as are most players in this respect. Let's talk of a particular album, "Raw Power" by The Stooges, for example... A record from 1973 (--orig-release-date), that was recorded in 1972 (--recording-date). It may have been re-released which in different mix, or bonus tracks (--release-date). The fact that it was recorded in 1972 is mostly known only by fans, and it most definitely should not be filed under 1972. Lastly, a user might have 3 different versions of the record, each with a different --release-date, but same orig/recording date.

    The only time --recording-date is a valid default is for live recordings.

    So the default for -Y is --orig-release-date; but feel free to use --recording-date to satisfy iTunes.

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