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Mikko Ohtamaa
created an issue

Currently eye3D does not host it releases on PyPi, but uses a custom hosting.

pip does not allow installation of externally hosted packages by default anymore. This is due to many associated problems with hosts going down, HTTP being insecure, etc. This makes it more complicated for the library user to get eye3D instaleld.

I'd dare to suggest to make eye3D packages hosted on PyPi, as most mainstream Python projects do. It is very easy and you can even automate the releases:

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  1. Mikko Ohtamaa reporter

    Currently one gets:

    pip install --allow-unverified eyeD3 eyeD3
    Downloading/unpacking eyeD3
      eyeD3 an externally hosted file and may be unreliable
      eyeD3 is potentially insecure and unverifiable.
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