no way to strip tags to make files smaller

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I used eye3d to remove image tags that picard had added (as some of them were over 1MB in size).

However, eye3D just removes the image tag, and leaves the space it occupied as padding.

Attaching a patch that strips always to the default padding if it can; presumably this would be better as a command line option.

By the way, the md5sum after repeatedly stripping the image tag changes, even if no other changes get made. Shouldn't it be possible to avoid that ?

This was the Fedora 17 package, which is 0.6.18, but the dropdown box below doesn't allow me to chose that.

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  1. Travis Shirk repo owner

    I agree, the APIs need support for padding info, I've added it to my todo list.

    The md5sum thing is interesting. I did eyeD3 --artist=Moonhearts test.mp3 four times... the artist does not change, it begins as Moonhearts. Each time I stashed the file as fileN.mp3. Note the pattern:

    $ md5sum file*.mp3
    c374220bddcac8fcad9c588f17241f1c  file1.mp3
    dcdd94a7e78ed426736cc7fdae63374e  file2.mp3
    c374220bddcac8fcad9c588f17241f1c  file3.mp3
    dcdd94a7e78ed426736cc7fdae63374e  file4.mp3

    It has to do with the order the frames are written, the tag header and size are the same each time. I've not investigated any further.


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