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Of course, the actual usage documentation for this program lives on the above-mentioned website. This is just programming notes at this point.

Stable Releases

The current stable releases are:

  • v0.7 (old, not recommended)
  • v0.8.4 (current)

The v0.8 series up to v0.8.4 was basically me thinking I had fixed the multiple GemRB process handling done in commit 14 (332fd3ff3f78), when I hadn't quite. However, with v0.8.4, I believe I took a high-level enough look at the code structure to have the system working correctly. Anyway, it looked like it worked in the mindmap that I created for tracking down the problem. The upshot of all this is that you should avoid using versions 0.8 through 0.8.3, as they don't work as expected, sometimes in more spectacular ways than others.

I really should refactor this completely before pushing things out to the GemRB guys... Or, I should at least branch things properly. 0.8.4 is stable; the rest, I'm not so sure. Well, they don't even branch things, they just call some revisions stable releases, so I won't worry about it too much.

Release Requirements


Check out the proposed (and implemented) development Changes to see what's coming up in future (and implmemented in past) releases!