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MCMagicChests is part of a suite of scripts for Minecraft that enhances survival mode without using mods.

After playing for awhile, gathering resources can get tedious. Rather than flat-out cheating this script attempts to alleviate the boredom by providing an infinite source of "common" blocks or repairing items.


To create a magic chest simply place a chest on a block of obsidian.

Usage 1: Replication - Place a single block type in the chest. The script will replicate it and fill the chest with stacks of 64. The following blocks will work (sorry, no diamond): Stone, Cobble, Stone Brick, Brick, Dirt, Sand, Sandstone, Glass, Wood, Gravel, Wool, Leaf, Netherrack.

Usage 2: Repairing - Any tools (including enchanted ones) will be restored to full health.

The script takes a single command line arg which is the path to your world folder.


  • A magic chest will only do one or the other.
  • Double wide chests are actually 2 single chests. The top half and bottom half can operate independently.
  • Be sure that the world is not in use when running the script.

note: This was thrown together quickly and requires python to be in your path.