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MCSubway is part of a suite of scripts for Minecraft that enhances survival mode without using mods.

This script along with the visual designer will allow you to build a subway system connected by portals in the nether.

Example map:

Editor Usage

Currently the designer is a bit un-polished and my be clunky to start using.

The way this is intended to work is that you will create a text file called subway.txt. Right now you have to manually place nether portal locations in the file. Later the editor will do that for you. The syntax is as follows:

WIDGET,PORTAL,Space Station,184,-636
WIDGET,PORTAL,Wizards Keep,256,-394

the coordinates are the x & z of your overworld portal converted into nether space. (divide by 8)

Once you have a couple of portals in your file, you can start the editor and begin laying out stations and tunnels.

When you save your layout, it will update subway.txt with a bunch more WIDGETS. You can safely hand edit the file if you need to add more portals later. It will also generate a subway.png file that you can use as a reference.

Script Usage

If your server isn't on the same machine as the editor, you'll need to copy subway.txt into the world folder.

The script takes a single command line arg which is the path to your world folder.

When run, a backup will be created of every block that is displaced by the subway. If you later move a tunnel, the previous blocks will be restored.


  • Scheduling this to run every night even when subway.txt hasn't changed will still refill all of the cart dispensers.
  • Be sure that the world is not in use when running the script.

note: This was thrown together quickly and requires python to be in your path.