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For videos and pictures of the running system, along with features please visit:


MMJ Business Management including delivery management application written using Yii Framework

What the system does?

OnPoint was developed using Yii version 1 framework. As an inventory management, digital menu, Point of sale, patient portal, patient records management, and delivery tracking system specifically for MMJ dispensaries. The system has 3 main user roles. Patients, CareGivers, Drivers and Dispatchers. Each role has assigned access rights.

Setting up

  • The database is in the data folder named k11.sql

A note to anyone interested in using this code

  • I developed this application by myself several years ago, in a month long marathon of non-stop coding, I had a vision and simply had to see it through. Its the largest application Ive ever developed, and its operational, I used to run live demonstrations with it, and have screenshots and videos of it operating, I'll try and post links to them. I was hoping to sell the application, but life happened, and I didnt have the resources or energy to bring the application to market. So the project has been laying dormant in my computer, So now I'm contributing it to the public, in case someone would like to run with it, yii is an awesome framework and one of my favorites to work with. This project is NOT NEWBIE friendly, it requires a good understanding of advanced application development to get set up and to work with, if your familiar with MVC the you should be able to figure out whats going on rather quickly.
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Key Features

  • Made specifically by the MMJ industry, and for the MMJ Industry.
  • Advanced Address Verification and Validation
  • Minimal Information Stored or displayed to protect members
  • Real-time Messaging with Dispatchers
  • Supports All MMJ related products and pricing (Trees, Concentrate, Edibles, etc) with magnifying glass image display
  • Dynamic and Easy to use donation
  • Legal Documentation for caregivers and patients to ensure everything is accordance with California state law. *Real Time Detailed Inventory Overview, with secure and private limited financial information
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Real-time Driver GPS Tracking Capabilities
  • Automated Work Flow
  • Roles and Functionality
  • Dispatcher- Manage Inventory, Manage All Users, Order Assignment and Management
  • Drivers - Driver Checkin & Checkout, Driving Directions from current location, Primary Caregiver Disclosure for each patient, POS Donation Reciepts/Forms
  • Patients - Online Sample Request, Realtime delivery updates, legal disclosure, MMJ license upload,user profile, messaging.