MindFudge is a simple MasterMind clone.

It is being coded in Python 2.6.4 and pygame 1.9.1.
It might work in other Python 2.x and pygame versions but they
are not supported in this early development stage.

* Homepage / Repository:
* Development by: Nick Raptis <>

*Python homepage:
*pygame homepage:

== Help ==

    At the start of every game, the computer makes up a code and hides
it at the topmost row. The code is comprised of 4 colored pegs. Each of
the pegs can be one of six colors. Also, more than one can be of the
same color.
    Your goal is to crack the code.
    At each turn, you fill the first row's 4 cells with the colored peg
of your choice. You submit your guess to be checked and end your turn.
    For every guess you make, the computer will give you an indication
    of how well you did by placing key pegs on the right side of the
 - Every black key peg means that one of your pegs matches the secret
   code both in color and position.
 - Every white key peg means that one of your pegs matches the code in
   color but is in the wrong position.
    You have 12 guesses in which to find the secret code.

More info about the original MasterMind game can be found in Wikipedia

   1-4    : Change the color of the coresponding code peg
    C     : Copy empty peg cells from previous guess
    F     : Fill empty peg cells with random colors
    R     : Fill with a random guess
BACKSPACE : Reset guess
  ENTER   : Submit guess to be checked and end turn
    N     : Start a new game
   ESC    : Quit game

Mouse Control:
 - Click on a peg's cell in your guess to change it's color.
 - Scrolling up or down with your mouse cycles through the colors too!
 - Right click on a peg to reset it and empty it's cell.
 - Right click anywhere else to reset the whole guess. 
 - Once you have a completed guess, click anywhere but the guess to
   submit it for checking and end your turn.
 - When your game has ended, left or right click anywhere to start a new

Debug Mode:
Press the ~ (tilde/backquote) key to toggle debug mode.
In this mode:
    Z    : Hide the solution
    X    : Reveal the solution