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Welcome to the online manual for Angry Birds Score Sync' (a.k.a. Absync)

Table of contents

What is Absync ?

Absync (Angry Birds Score Sync') is an Android application.

It allows Angry Birds players to upload their scores to :

Main screen Logon screen

How do I install it on my Android device ?

The short way is to click or scan the following QRCode with your phone :
(If asked, just open with the Market / Play Store)

You also have several other choices for your convenience : see Installing.

What are the requirements ?

  • You need a device with Android 2.3, other versions (pre and post 2.3) are not supported for now.
  • To upload your scores you need to install and play at least one level of an Angry Birds game

How do I use it ?

1. Make sure you have an account at or create one

2. Log-in from the application's menu

3. Click a button to synchronize your scores

Compare your scores to other players on !


If you encounter a problem, please check the known problems and their solution.

Reporting a problem

If you still have a problem or a suggestion about this app, just open an issue. Please include all details.

In order to include all details, you may use the free application "Log Collector" :

  1. install Log Collector on your phone and start it
  2. choose either to paste the log data into a new issue or to send it to android at angrybirds-score dot com

You can uninstall Log Collector afterwards.

Problem with the latest update

If a bug arises with the latest update of the application, you can reinstall a previous one that you will find on Please still file a bug report so we can hopefully fix the problem with the next update.

It is not available in my language !

I know, I'm sorry, but you can help : for more details, please read Translating.

What is your privacy policy ?

See Privacy.

How to contact the author ?

If you want to ask for a feature, enhancement or report a bug, simply file a new issue.

If your request is about the web site, please use the corresponding contact page :

Who is the author ?

I, nicobo, have developed this Android application. You can contact me directly at

But I am not the only one involved in this project, please look at the Credits page.

Please note that our team is not affiliated with Rovio Mobile LTD.
Angry Birds is a trademark of Rovio Mobile LTD.

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