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What is SwitchDataSwitch ?

SwitchDataSwitch is an Android application.

It helps you saving battery by providing an icon in the notification bar to quickly (de)activate the mobile network (2G/3G/...).

SwitchDataSwitch is different from other apps because it provides a way to (de)activate mobile network in no more than 1 touch !

In the notification bar Preferences screen

How do I install it on my Android device ?

The short way is to click or scan the following QRCode with your phone :
(If asked, just open with the Market / Play Store)

You also have several other choices for your convenience : see Installing.

How do I use it ?

1. Start the app and click the on/off switch : an icon appears in the notification bar.

2. Expand the notification bar and click on SwitchDataSwitch to activate or deactivate the network depending on its current state.

That's all !

If you want to remove the icon from the notifications or disable the auto-start feature, just start the app again to bring up the preferences screen.

More on preferences on the dedicated page.

Why would someone want to install this app ?

If your provider limits the amount of 3G traffic, you might want to activate and deactivate data traffic on demand.

In places with poor reception, you might want to save battery by preventing your phone to continuously search for the network.

Or you might just want to limit radio emitting when not using it...

Android does not allow to do all of this in only one click (although some vendor do)... therefore came this app !

What's this funny/weird name ?

The app was initially just a shortcut to another one : "DataSwitch", and therefore was used to "switch DataSwitch" on and off... Later on features were added to make it able to switch data network by itself, but the name stayed as is.


If you have any problem or suggestion about this app, just open an issue. Please include all details.

To include all details, you may use the free application "Log Collector" :

  1. install Log Collector on your phone and start it
  2. choose either to paste the log data into a new issue or to send it to trash723723-switchdataswitch at yahoo dot fr

You can uninstall Log Collector afterwards.

Problem after uninstalling

If you cannot enable network after uninstalling DataSwitch, just reboot your device and you will be able to activate the network again. This is an issue with DataSwitch (not SwitchDataSwitch).

Cannot en/disable network

If you can enable network through the device's original menu but not through SwitchDataSwitch, try changing the switching method.

If you cannot enable network at all, please try to set airplane mode on and off or reboot your device.

I've clicked on the icon in the notifications but nothing happens

When Wi-Fi of WiMAX is on, switching the mobile data network on or off has no effect (those networks prevail over mobile data networks). If you switch mobile data connectivity while Wi-Fi or WiMAX is enabled, the setting will only be applied when Wi-Fi/MAX is disabled.

Sometimes it also takes a long time for the device to find a mobile data network to connect to.

Look at SwitchDataSwitch's icon in the notification area :

  • Icon when not connected If it's white or gray, the network is disconnected (or is going to be, if there is an hourglass symbol)
  • Icon when connected If it's colored, the network is connected (or is going to be, if there is an hourglass symbol)

If it takes a really long time, you might want to turn airplane mode on and off : this will force the device to reconnect.

Problem with the latest update

If a bug arises with the latest update of the application, you can reinstall a previous one that you will find on Please still file a bug report so we can hopefully fix the problem with the next update.

It is not available in my language !

I know, I'm sorry, but you can help : for more details, please read Translating.

What is your privacy policy ?

See Privacy.

How to contact the author ?

If you want to ask for a feature, enhancement or report a bug, simply file a new issue.

Otherwise, you can contact me directly at