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 Mercurial extension to work with rietveld code review.
 See `hg help hgreview` for the complete list of commands.
+-r VALUE         Add reviewers
+-i VALUE         Issue number. Defaults to new issue
+-m VALUE         Codereview message
+--rev VALUE      Revision number to diff against
+--send_email     Send notification email to reviewers
+--id             Output issue id
+--url            Output issue URL
+--fetch          Fetch patch and apply to repository
+.hgrc options
+In the review section of the .hgrc file you can specify some default
+    URL of the rietveld instance to use
+    Username on the rietveld instance
+    Alternate hostname to use in the `Host:` header
+    Account type for authentication either 'GOOGLE' or 'HOSTED'
+    Comma separated value of username / email in CC of the review 
+    A boolean to indicate if the rietveld instance should or not send emails
+    after the review has been submitted
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