Cédric Krier avatar Cédric Krier committed 48ac74a

copies.copies has been renamed to copies.mergecopies in 2.1

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 from hashlib import md5
 from mercurial.__version__ import version as mercurial_version
-from mercurial import patch, mdiff, copies, node, commands
+from mercurial import patch, mdiff, node, commands
     test = map(int, mercurial_version.split('.')) >= [1, 9]
     from mercurial.scmutil import revpair, matchfiles
     from mercurial.cmdutil import revpair, matchfiles
+    test = map(int, mercurial_version.split('.')) >= [2, 1]
+except ValueError:
+    test = True
+if test:
+    from mercurial.copies import mergecopies
+    from mercurial.copies import copies as mergecopies
 from rietveld import (GetEmail, GetRpcServer, CheckReviewer, MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE,
     files = {}
     # getting informations about copied/moved files
-    copymove_info = copies.mergecopies(repo, base_rev, current_rev, null_rev)[0]
+    copymove_info = mergecopies(repo, base_rev, current_rev, null_rev)[0]
     for newname, oldname in copymove_info.items():
         oldcontent = base_rev[oldname].data()
         newcontent = current_rev[newname].data()
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