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hgreview ======== Mercurial extension to work with rietveld code review. It was inspired by the hg nested extension. This extension allow to upload to the rietveld code review website, creating a new issue and remembering its ID for future patches. See `hg help review` for the complete list of commands. Options ------- -r VALUE Add reviewers -i VALUE Issue number. Defaults to new issue -m VALUE Codereview message --rev VALUE Revision number to diff against --send_email Send notification email to reviewers --id Output issue id --url Output issue URL --fetch Fetch patch and apply to repository --keep Keep patch file after application .hgrc options ------------- In the review section of the .hgrc file you can specify some default information: server URL of the rietveld instance to use username Username on the rietveld instance host_header Alternate hostname to use in the `Host:` header account_type Account type for authentication either 'GOOGLE' or 'HOSTED' cc_header Comma separated value of username / email in CC of the review send_email A boolean to indicate if the rietveld instance should or not send emails after the review has been submitted base_url The base URL to upload to Rietveld. Useful for interoperating with subversion and git repositories. nested A boolean indicating wheter the repository should be considered nested or not. oauth2 Use OAuth 2.0 instead of a password, defaults to false. oauth2_port Port to use to handle OAuth 2.0 redirect. Must be an integer in the range 1024-49151, defaults to 8001. oauth2_webbrowser Open a browser window to get an access token, defaults to true.