NOTE: This file should be placed at the root of each of your repos directories.

Also, this file must use Markdown syntax, and provide project documentation as per below--otherwise, points will be deducted.

LIS4381 - Mobile Web Application Development

Nicolaus Lopez

Assignment 1:

Three Parts:

  1. Distributed Version Control with Git and Bitbucket
  2. Development Installations
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 1,2)

Assignment 2;

Three Parts:

  1. Configure the XML how we want the layout to be
  2. Write the java to switch to different layouts
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 3,4)

Assignment 3;

Three Parts:

  1. Create Database to manipulate data
  2. Create mobile app
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 5,6)

Project 1;

Three Parts:

  1. Create Business card app
  2. Research adding borders, launcher icons, and text shadows
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 7,8)

Assignment 4;

Three Parts:

  1. Cloned starter files
  2. Create HTML form with validation
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 9,10, & 19)

Assignment 5;

Three Parts:

  1. Cloned starter files
  2. Create create webpage with add insert functionality
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 11,12)

Project 2

Three Parts:

  1. Add delete functionality
  2. Add edit functionality
  3. Chapter Questions (Chs 13,14)