jqplot.Multi column legend / closer.php

    <div id="preloader" style="display: none;">
        <img src="images/navdownloadover.png" alt="navdownloadover" width="89" height="26"/>
        <img src="images/navexamplesover.png" alt="navexamplesover" width="88" height="26"/>
        <img src="images/navhomeover.png" alt="navhomeover" width="59" height="26"/>
        <img src="images/navdocsover.png" alt="navdocsover" width="55" height="26"/>
        <img src="images/navinfoover.png" alt="navinfoover" width="46" height="26"/>
        <img src="images/downloadnowover.png" alt="downloadnowover" width="102" height="39"/>
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