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An R-interface to the Fortran package Expokit for matrix exponentiation and a little more.

Installation from CRAN

Version 0.9 is available from CRAN. It can be installed from R.


Then load the package and check out a help file.


Installation of the development version from source

The current development version can be installed from the source in this repository using the devtools package.

install.packages("devtools")  ## if 'devtools' not installed
install_bitbucket(repo = "exporkit", username = "nielsrhansen")

If you experience permission problems during installation, try installing in a local directory, e.g.

install_bitbucket(repo = "exporkit", username = "nielsrhansen",
                  args = "--library=~/local/R/library")

provided that the directory exists. Then load the package from the local library

library(expoRkit, lib.loc = "~/local/R/library")

Recent activity

Niels Richard Hansen

Commits by Niels Richard Hansen were pushed to nielsrhansen/expoRkit

e7002d0 - Updating remark in help file on computational time using the COO storage format
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