iRedMail with the Rapsbian distribution on a Raspberry Pi computer

Installing Raspbian

  • I used unattended install with raspbian-ua-netinst.
  • TODO: explain how kernel modules are installed

Required steps before running iRedMail.sh

  • Note that iRedMail system requirements require 1 Gb of RAM while the Pi has 512 Mb RAM. Still, it works with swap enabled and one component (ClamAV) removed after installation. I used zram instead of swap to disk.
  • apt-get install modprobe && modprobe ipv6 to make sure Dovecot package installation works. (still, iRedMail is not configured for ipv6 by default). Add ipv6 to /etc/modules if you want it to persist after reboot.
  • apt-get install unattended-upgrades # installs security updates daily
  • For better quality of randomness for key generation, enable the hardware random number generator. modprobe bcm2708-rng && apt-get install rng-tools.

After installing

Additional tweaks


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