== Everclear ==

=== Important ===

NOTE: This library will eventually be released under a BSD license, but at the moment it is closed source because first, the version in this repository is old, and second, I need to cleanup the library and associated tests before I am comfortable with other people reading and using it. 

The version in this repo links to BeautifulSoup, which is not required in the latest version as the library now has its own custom parser

=== Contact ===

For information regarding this project, please email me on <> or @nikcub

=== Description ===

Article extraction library. Will extract article text, multiple pages, title, author, tags and metadata from a story of news piece at a URL. The approach used is based on tag and text analysis and machine learning based on over a hundred known articles from a hundred sources. Includes a pubsub hub server to post updates, a web based administration interface, javascript bookmarklet, full test suite, export as hNews, Atom etc. and article categorization (eg. op-ed, feature, etc.). Used as the backend in the Evergreen project.