Fileadelphia is a 3D file browser that looks like a city-scape.

It was made by me ( and Shilpan Bhagat
( for a third year computer graphics course in college.
Considering this was our first time ever with OpenGL, it turned out quite well.


  • Python > 2.5
  • PyOpenGL (including OpenGL, GLU and GLUT)
  • Pygame

When you start it (run, it will start
at your home directory. Files are yellow textured,
directories are blue textured.

Use the mouse to rotate and arrow keys to move.
Use Alt+Up arrow to go to the parent directory.

Entering a file building shows some file information
and allows you to launch the file (tested on Windows and Linux)

Entering a directory building will teleport you to another
city whose buildings are the contents of that directory.