= LC-3 Brainfuck =

lc3bf is an implementation of the Brainfuck programming language in LC3 Assembly language. It is an interpreter and not a compiler.

Why the odd combination? Because Brainfuck itself is hard to program in. So is assembly language. In addition LC3 is being used in my Computer Organization course and I thought, what better way to push its limits than this.

ATM the loop operators are not implemented

== Usage == First get the lc3 tools for your platform. Then download bf.asm. Open it in an editor and change the following line


so that it becomes

PROGRAM .STRINGZ "<your program here>"

Then compile, run in the LC-3 Simulator and have fun.

== Note for command line compilation == If you are on non-Windows platforms and using the lc3asm command line tool, then you can simply run


to compile the program ( you should have lc3asm in your path )

To remove the object and other files generated by the compiler

make clean