newlisp-redis / test-redis.lsp

#! /usr/bin/newlisp

(define-macro (assert expr)
    (let ((assertion-string (join (list "Assertion failed: " (string expr)) "")))
        (unless (true? (eval expr)) (throw-error assertion-string))))

(define-macro (assert-false expr)
    (let ((assertion-string (join (list "Assertion false failed: " (string expr)) "")))
        (if (true? (eval expr)) (throw-error assertion-string))))

(define-macro (assert-equals expr val)
  (letex ((e (eval expr)))
    (assert (= e val))))

(define-macro (assert-fail expr)
    (if (nil? (catch (eval expr) 'exc))
      true ; it failed, just what we wanted
      (throw-error (append "Should have failed: " (string expr)))))

(load "redis.lsp")
(setf conn (redis))

(constant 'TEST_DB 15)
(constant 'MOVE_DB 14)

(assert (:select conn MOVE_DB))
(assert (:flushdb conn))
(assert (:select conn TEST_DB))
(assert (:flushdb conn))

(let (info (:info conn))
  (assert (lookup "redis_version" info))
  (assert (lookup "connected_clients" info))
  (assert (int (lookup "uptime_in_seconds" info)))
  (assert (int (lookup "connected_clients" info))))

(assert (:set conn "crap" "bag"))
(assert (:set conn "foo" "bar"))
(assert (:set conn "count" 0))

(assert-equals (:setnx conn "foo" "baz") 0)
(assert-equals (:setnx conn "boo" "unset") 1)

(assert-equals (:get conn "foo") "bar")
(assert-equals (:get conn "boo") "unset")

(let (rep (:mget conn "foo" "boo"))
  (assert-equals (rep 0) "bar")
  (assert-equals (rep 1) "unset"))

(assert-equals (:getset conn "foo" "crackle") "bar")

;(let (uni (string "�" "�" (char 937)))
;  (assert (:set conn "unicode" uni))
;  (assert-equals (:get conn "unicode") uni))

(assert-equals (:incr conn "count") 1)
(assert-equals (:incr conn "count") 2)

(assert-equals (:incrby conn "count" 4) 6)
(assert-equals (:incrby conn "count" -2) 4)

(assert-equals (:decr conn "count") 3)

(assert-equals (:decrby conn "count" 6) -3)

(assert (:exists conn "count"))
(assert (:exists conn "foo"))
(assert-false (:exists conn "counta"))

(assert (:del conn "count"))
(assert-false (:exists conn "count"))

(assert (:set conn "foo2" "value"))

(let (keys (:keys conn "foo*"))
  (assert-equals (length keys) 2))

(let (keys (:keys conn "*"))
  (assert-equals (length keys) 4))

(let (keys (:keys conn "?oo"))
  (assert-equals (length keys) 2)
  (assert (member "boo" keys))
  (assert (member "foo" keys)))

(dotimes (x 20)
  (assert (member (:randomkey conn) '("boo" "foo" "count" "crap" "foo2"))))

(println "All tests...OK")
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