Nikhil Marathe avatar Nikhil Marathe committed 6b676cb

Changed non-static, non v8 Parse(Complete) return types to void

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     yajl_free( yc_handle );
+    yc_handle = NULL;
 v8::Handle<Value> Handle::Parse( const Arguments& args )
     HandleScope scope;
     Handle *yh = Unwrap<Handle>( args.This() );
+    return Null();
-v8::Handle<Value> Handle::Parse( unsigned char* str, int len )
+void Handle::Parse( unsigned char* str, int len )
     int status = yajl_parse( yc_handle, str, len );
     if( status != yajl_status_ok
-v8::Handle<Value> Handle::ParseComplete()
+void Handle::ParseComplete()
-    int status = yajl_parse_complete( yc_handle );
+    yajl_status status = yajl_parse_complete( yc_handle );
     if( status != yajl_status_ok
         && status != yajl_status_insufficient_data )
-    v8::Handle<v8::Value> Parse( unsigned char*, int );
-    v8::Handle<v8::Value> ParseComplete();
+    void Parse( unsigned char*, int );
+    void ParseComplete();
     yajl_handle yc_handle;
     yajl_callbacks callbacks;
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