documentation : systemd/notify should use mount.s3ql with --fg

Issue #292 on hold
Martin Hamant
created an issue

In the automount section in the documentation there is no mention that the option --fg should be used otherwise mount.s3ql would daemonize and wont notify systemd.

I'm using the following unit file (with success):

Description=S3QL mount

ExecStart=/usr/bin/mount.s3ql --debug --fg --authfile /path/to/s3ql.txt swiftks://xxx /media/container-test/
ExecStop=/usr/bin/umount.s3ql --debug /media/container-test/


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  1. Martin Hamant reporter

    Well, maybe it still notifies systemd when daemonized somehow but the above example doesn't work without --fg. Without --fg, the volume is mounted and immediately umounted.

  2. Martin Hamant reporter

    Of course, here it it. I just removed --fg from the unit file above. (My guess is Type=forking should be used in this case.)

    2018-03-19 08:20:57.982 901:MainThread s3ql.mount.determine_threads: Using 2 upload threads.
    2018-03-19 08:20:57.983 901:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: Autodetected 4058 file descriptors available for cache entries
    2018-03-19 08:20:59.613 901:MainThread s3ql.mount.get_metadata: Using cached metadata.
    2018-03-19 08:20:59.618 901:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: Setting cache size to 6543 MB
    2018-03-19 08:20:59.619 901:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: Mounting swiftks://xxx:yyy/ at /srv/bla...
    2018-03-19 08:20:59.636 908:MainThread s3ql.daemonize.detach_process_context: Daemonizing, new PID is 912
    2018-03-19 08:21:00.020 912:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: FUSE main loop terminated.
    2018-03-19 08:21:00.021 912:MainThread s3ql.mount.unmount: Unmounting file system...
    2018-03-19 08:21:00.364 912:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: File system unchanged, not uploading metadata.
    2018-03-19 08:21:00.469 912:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: Cleaning up local metadata...
    2018-03-19 08:21:00.472 912:MainThread s3ql.mount.main: All done.
  3. Nikolaus Rath repo owner

    No, type=notify should work just fine. Hmm. Is it possible that you don't have the systemd Python module installed? What happes if you run

    $ python3 -c "import systemd.daemon; systemd.daemon.notify('READY=1')"
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