2.28 can't resolve host, 2015 can

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Philip Warner
created an issue

I just tried upgrading to 2.28 (with all modules at latest except pygobject which was at 3.20.1) and it is unable to connect to S3.

When I try fsck or mount I get:

ERROR: Can't connect to backend: unable to resolve hostname

When I downgrade llfuse and use 2.15, mount and fsck work.

The fsck log shows:

<DATE> 2466:MainThread s3ql.backends.s3c._send_request: sending GET /NAME/s3ql_passphrase
<DATE> 2466:MainThread root.excepthook: Can't connect to backend: unable to resolve hostname

This reminds me of an earlier error relating to east1 due to a host name formatting issue. I am not sure which host it is failing to resolve; is there a way to check this? Or some other means of providing greater detail.

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  1. Nikolaus Rath repo owner

    Thanks for the report! Please take a look at the ChangeLog file when you update though:

    2017-06-23, S3QL 2.22
      * The storage URL for Amazon S3 buckets has changed. It now includes
        the bucket's region.
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