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S3QL / Release Process

Steps for Releasing a New Version

  • Bump version in src/s3ql/
  • Add release date to Changes.txt
  • Check hg status -u, if necessary run hg purge to avoid undesired files in the tarball.
  • ./ build_cython build_ext --inplace
  • ./ build_sphinx sdist
  • Test tarball:
    • ./ build_ext --inplace
    • ./ build_sphinx
    • python3 -m pytest tests/
  • Generate signature: gpg -sb --armor XXXX.tar.bz2
  • hg commit, hg tag
  • ./ upload_docs
  • Upload source distribution and signature to BitBucket
  • hg push && hg push github
  • Create release on Github
  • Write announcement to mailing list

Email template

From: Nikolaus Rath <>
Subject: [s3ql] [ANNOUNCE] S3QL X.XX has been released

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce a new release of S3QL, version XXX.

From the changelog:


The release is available for download from and

Please report any bugs on the mailing list ( or
the issue tracker (