PyPy Site 2011


  • IE browser testing


  • Download button on the homepage is not clickable everywhere (arch. details)
  • Photos for team members, include personal website and twitter links.
  • PayPal form not accepting amounts entered (look into changing form type from 'hosted' to 'regular')
  • More success stories


  • Search input not obvious enough
  • "download", "speed chart", "feedback" should be visible before the page fold


  • Track donations, update counter on campaigns (Via Google Analytics? Custom solution?)
  • speed.pypy.org integration, chart on the homepage?


  • Ability to links into tabs by # in URLs. (www.pypy.org/#sandboxing should open and highlight the Sandboxing tabs)
  • @pypyproject twitter feed
  • Whole site check for dead links
  • Update supported libraries
  • Collect supported libraries direct from PyPy's compatibility Wiki on bitbucket.
  • ReST/RAW text support instead of HTML
  • Code highlighting
  • Get downloads dict directly from bitbucket.



  • Why would I like to use pypy?
  • How do I use pypy?
  • How do I contribute? (donate/issue tracker/contact)


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