More info about docker can be found here

RyzomCore source must be checked out on host directory which is described in config file (see config-dist).


This guide will use ryzom/jessie as container.

You may need to use sudo to create/run containers if your user is not in docker group.

Building container for debian/jessie:

$ ./ jessie

Building container for static client.

$ ./ static-client


config-dist, config, docker/jessie/config. Value included from last are used.

  • RYZOM_SOURCE (host) Location for checked out sources code subdirectory
  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (host) Where the compiled binaries should go.
  • BUILD (container) Where temporary build files are kept.


$ ./ jessie

By default build directory is kept inside container /tmp and will be lost when container is shut down.

Compiled binaries are placed into their own directory under sources. Inside container that would be /ryzom.hg/install-client-jessie.

Required Libraries

Use ldd <binary> to see whats needed.

Static client should only require libopenal just like official client.