lazygal / TODO

Ideas to improve Lazygal (in no particular order)

* better i18n in templates : better string extractor and use of Translator to
  make syntax nicer.
    Work to be done in lazygal/ and mainly in devscripts/update-po .

* SMP support, perhaps using parallel python (
  though not sure about its ability to transmit Perhaps
  os.fork() would be a better alternative.
    Work to be done mostly in lazygal/

* Add some styles to the default theme.

* Integrate Gallerific

* Archive (zip) link on directory index.

* --exclude to exclude directories from processing.

* Document input formats.

* xinclude for XHTML <head />

* Some sort of plugin architecture for generate pic post processing at least
  (with an example for watermarking pics).

* Picture links in breadcrumbs.

* Alternate theme with one HTML page per dir and JS to change pics.

* Detect config changes since last run et regenerate files (html, thumbs, etc.)
  according to configuration changes.

* Add an option to paginate by sub-galleries number per page.

* Copy instead of processing through PIL pics which are not resized (because of
  XxY> for instance).

* Build picture and gallery map using EXIF GPS data.

* Add a way to disable video transcoding.