1. Alexandre Rossi
  2. lazygal


lazygal / TODO

Ideas to improve Lazygal (in no particular order)

* better i18n in templates : better string extractor and use of Translator to
  make syntax nicer.
    Work to be done in lazygal/tpl.py and mainly in devscripts/update-po .
    See http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Documentation/i18n.html
    and http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/ApiDocs/genshi.filters.i18n

* SMP support, perhaps using parallel python (http://www.parallelpython.com/)
  though not sure about its ability to transmit MakeObject.build. Perhaps
  os.fork() would be a better alternative.
    Work to be done mostly in lazygal/make.py

* Have some generic methods on LightWebalbumDir to provide metadata.

* Add some styles to the default theme.

* Delete half made stuff on KeyInterrupt
     Work to do to be mostly in lazygal/make.py but should uncover some bugs in
     output items computations.

* Video support with embedded flash player.
     - include a flash video player (maybe http://flowplayer.org/)
     - convert videos in flv, and point the player in generated pages to
       this converted video.