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Wink JS Api Client

Based on the RestEasy-JSAPI, a Java client for your Wink Rest resources

The code use Wink v1.3.0, but works with v1.2.1-incubating

How to use

Put the winkjs-0.1.jar into your WEB-INF/lib next to "wink-server-1.3.0.jar"

Using WinkJsRestServlet extending the Wink RestServlet

Replace org.apache.wink.server.internal.servlet.RestServlet by org.nioto.winkjs.WinkJsRestServlet in your web.xml

Optional: you can add a jsapiurl init param to specify an alternate Url to get the JS API Client ( default : /api-client.js in the ContextRoot of the webapp )

Using org.nioto.winkjs.WinkJsClientServlet without changing your Wink RestServlet configuration

Add in your web.xml the configuration for the servlet :

  <description>Simple Servlet to generate a JS client for the API</description>
  <!-- Mandatory, we need to know the path associated with Wink -->

View website for more informations