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         return errors
     errors = property(errors)
-    def __repr__(self):
-        _fields = self._fields
-        conf = ''
-        if self._render_fields:
-            conf = ' (configured)'
-            _fields = self._render_fields
-        return '<%s%s with %r>' % (self.__class__.__name__, conf,
-                                   _fields.keys())
 class FieldSet(AbstractFieldSet):


 >>> fs = FieldSet(Two)
->>> fs
-<FieldSet with ['id', 'foo']>
 >>> fs.configure(pk=True)
->>> fs
-<FieldSet (configured) with ['id', 'foo']>
 >>> print fs.render()
  <label class="field_req" for="Two--id">
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