FormAlchemy / RELEASE_NOTES.txt

How to release FormAlchemy

Boostrap a buildout env::
  $ wget*checkout*/zc.buildout/trunk/bootstrap/
  $ python -S
  $ python -S bin/buildout

Update version numbers in and formalchemy/

Run tests::

  $ ./bin/test

Assume the pylons template work::

  $ ./bin/paster create -t pylons_fa pylonsapp

Merge files carefully. All files should be override except development.ini,
test.ini, and model/

Run pylons tests::

  $ ./bin/test_pylons

Compile .mo files and create the tarball::

  $ ./bin/python make_dist

Register the package on Pypi::

  $ ./bin/python register

If you want to upload the tarball on Pypi then use::

  $ ./bin/python make_dist register upload
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