AmazonItemLookup /

AmazonItemLookup: Easy item lookup by ASIN from Amazon Product Advertising API

by Nathan Craddock

Set up a connection

    AwsProductApi api = new AwsProductApi(new ProductApiConnectionInfo
        AWSAccessKey = config.AWSAccessKey,
        AWSSecretKey = config.AWSSecretKey,
        AWSAssociateTag = config.AWSAssociateTag

Retrieve an item from Amazon by ASIN

    AwsItem item = api.LookupByAsin(ASIN);

Create a cart on Amazon with 2 items in it and transfer the user to the purchase URL

    AwsCart cart = api.CreateCart(new CartItem { Asin = "B0071YIFJ6" }, new CartItem { Asin = "B001H1SVO8" });

  • Added support for CreateCart
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