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My thoughts on what would make Bitbucket better

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 What dev tools are you using to integrate with Bitbucket?
+	emacs, komodo, wingware, command line
 What dev tools would you like to see integrated with Bitbucket?
+	A windows client like TortoiseHG, but with a better interface. Something like that with Bitbucket support built in would probably help boost popularity with Windows based developers.
+	A widget that lets us export our activities (branching, repo creation/deletions) to a service like LinkedIn. (Similar to the GitHub widget. Non-developers see that and it makes for a good conversation starter.)
 What feature would you like to have improved the most on Bitbucket?
+	PLEASE. Please please please increase the cookie timeout. It is so annoying to have to re-login to the website so frequently. PLEASE. Pretty please?
+For your free Bitbucket t-shirt, what size will you need?
-For your free Bitbucket t-shirt, what size will you need?
+	Sorry, can't make it to the party, I'm out on the east coast. I hope you all have a great time, and keep up the good work!
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