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nloadholtes/10-year-anniversary-raffle 10-year-anniversary-raffle

question about raffle answers.

  1. Arne Babenhauserheide avatarArne Babenhauserheide

just a question from another user :)

Comments (4)

  1. Nick Loadholtes repo owner

    Thanks for the question, I'm typically using Chrome. I might go 2 or 3 weeks between visits to the bitbucket web page, and I've noticed that when that happens I have to sign in again. I also go a couple of weeks between visits to github and other sites that require a login, so I'm assuming its an issue on the Bitbucket side (probably the lifetime of the cookie).

    It could be that every visit to bitbucket "refreshes" the cookie for another 2 weeks. I haven't look real closely at the issue.

      1. Nick Loadholtes repo owner

        Ok, this is funny... I clicked on the link in my email to get back to this notification... and I was logged out of Bitbucket! The only thing that had happened in the last 8 days was I did a reboot of my machine. I'm still "logged in" on other sites like github, twitter, etc. But with Bitbucket... I have to sign back in to leave this comment.

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