Jason R. Coombs committed feffd80

Skip a test that consistently fails on Windows due to the implementation of os.kill (Python 2.7 and later).

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     def test_signal_handler_unsubscribe(self):
+        # Although Windows has `os.kill` and SIGTERM is defined, the
+        #  platform does not implement signals and sending SIGTERM
+        #  will result in a forced termination of the process.
+        #  Therefore, this test is not suitable for Windows.
+        if == 'nt':
+            self.skip("SIGTERM not available")
         # Spawn a normal, undaemonized process.
         p = helper.CPProcess(ssl=(self.scheme.lower()=='https'))
 test_case_name: "test_signal_handler_unsubscribe"
-        # Send a SIGTERM
+        # Ask the process to quit
         os.kill(p.get_pid(), signal.SIGTERM)
         # This might hang if things aren't working right, but meh.
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