Game crash during scene selection in Shoot The Bullet / English language pack crashes th09

Issue #15 resolved
Speedy_Fox_IV created an issue

Whenever I go to pick a scene the game crashes. It might have something to do with the recent update to translate spellcards seeing as I never had this issue before the most recent update to thcrap.

By the way, the Spell Card names show up perfectly fine in the menus during the few seconds I get before the game crashes and if I'm quick enough to select a scene they also show up perfectly fine during gameplay.

I am patched with english stacked with british english differences. English is the only translated language for the Shoot the Bullet spellcards at the moment so I can't really be sure if it applies to the other language patches.

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  1. Speedy_Fox_IV reporter

    Just an update, using the same patche setup, it seems to crash upon Spell card declaration on and when a boss's name and title shows up in th07. I'm not sure what it does in th08 seeing that I don't have a Japanese copy of it (I'm not really looking that hard though. Somebody else could possibly try this out for me). The game crashes shortly after starting in th09. All of the other games seem to work fine with the current patch set up.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Running under the english patch, I can confirm the game crashing on spell card declaration in th07. However, I don't seem to be having any problems in PoFV and StB, even when adding en_gb. th08 works fine

  3. nmlgc repo owner

    The th07 problem should be fixed with the latest base_tsa update. I'm still investigating the exact cause for the crash in th095. It only occurs with some specific combination of bestshot data, but I can reproduce it.

    th09 also works fine here - the recent update for spell card support didn't touch this game at all.

  4. Speedy_Fox_IV reporter

    The problem on th09 must be all me then. I'll try to figure out what I'm doing to cause it then I'll get back to you about it.

  5. nmlgc repo owner

    Could you post the log file (thcrap_log.txt) after th09 crashed? Maybe there's some interesting information in there.

  6. nmlgc repo owner

    I've found the th095 issue. A new thcrap build with the fix will be available in a couple of hours.

    Regarding the th09 issue, I'm still clueless, and the log looks fine too. Could you try:

    • using a configuration without any translation patch (just base_tsa)?
    • removing thpatch\base_tsa\th09.js and thpatch\base_tsa\th09.v1.50a.js (the files will be restored after running the patch once)?
  7. Speedy_Fox_IV reporter

    So I ran it in base tsa and the game worked fine. I tried en stacked with en-gb again and it crashed once more. I tried some other languages and they worked fine so I tried english by itself. It crashed. I then tried english stacked with other languages and it crashed everytime. (I guess I can just play the game in Japanese but then I will find the bugs? XD)

    So I guess I narrowed the source down a little bit.

    Oh yeah! Just for the hell of it I tried en-gb by itself to see what would happen. The game worked perfectly fine.

  8. Speedy_Fox_IV reporter

    I have absolutley no idea as to what you did to 8/8/2013 build but somehow you fixed it.

    Do you want me upload the thcrap_log.txt file to see what's different?

  9. nmlgc repo owner

    So it was a thread-safety issue, just like the Shoot the Bullet bug. Good thing that I decided to fix this in the 2013-08-08 build, because this seemed not really critical all the time.

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